Morton Visuals Shoots DanzArts

William Morton Visuals photographs DanzArts, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Hispanic heritage dance.

William Morton photographed DanzArts at Studio J last week. The note below is from DanzArts’ Vice President, Christina Lock:

DanzArts is a non-profit organization deidcated to preserving and creating cross polinations of dance through flamenco and Mexican dance. Founded and Directed by Patricia Astorga-Casey, this duo theatre dance company produces performance pieces for a multitude of occasions. There is a direct compliment in rhythm, passion, and history for these two styles of dance. One of the wonderful aspects of this company is that the dancers have the opportunity to be cross trained. Sabor Mexico or Esencia Flamenca is avaiable for hire: The 13 members of DanzArts would like to thank Morton Visuals for a truly dynamic and professional yet fun experience at Studio J. Thanks William!!!

A few behind-the-scenes images are below, compliments of Stan Lock, as well as two of the final images captured by William.

Flamenco dancer from DanzArts poses for William Morton
A flamenco dancer poses
William and the dancers review the images captured
Dancers love the images!
Mexican Folklorico dancer
Mexican Folklorico dancer
DanzArts Esencia Flamenca (flamenco) dancer
Esencia Flamenca dancer

Morton Visuals Shoots For A Makeup Catalog Cover

William Morton photographs beauty shots for the cover of an upcoming makeup catalog.

William Morton photographs two models for the catalog cover
William Morton shoots cover models

William Morton recently photographed two L.A. models for the cover of the upcoming Graftobian Makeup catalog. Working with top makeup artist Mary Erickson, William photographed Jaimie Hilfiger and Sha G both individually and as a duo. A full day of shooting and styling created a number of great images. William used a variety of lighting techniques to create the beauty shots, including the standard beauty dish, a contrasty 86″ silver parabolic umbrella, and a 7′ Octodome for big soft light. See the William Morton Visuals website for some of our favorites, and keep an eye out for the next Graftobian catalog for the cover selection.

UPDATED 3/15/2011: The new catalog is out – here’s the full-page shot of model Jaimie Hilfiger.


Graftobian Make-Up Company 2011 catalog page 21
Graftobian 2011 catalog

Harley-Davidson in the Studio

We had a fun shoot in the studio today! My friend Mike (aka “Gunny”) brought his Night Rod downtown and we lit it up. Lighting a black bike with lots of reflective metal and chrome proved to be quite a challenge, especially on a dark background! Below is a sample of what we came up with at the end of the day.

Harley-Davidson Night Rod
Harley-Davidson Night Rod